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Our strategy is an asymmetric strategy, benefiting from market panic and black swans. This strategy is difficult to implement, since if only very OTM PUTs and CALLs are bought, it is likely that we will run out of money very soon and time will decline and play completely against us.

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Our investment principles are defined by these four pillars:

  1. The market is full of inefficiencies (black swans) that we can statistically take advantage of since the models used by professionals do not cover these inefficiencies.

  2. We must benefit from the volatility of the markets. This will make us not only win when volatility rises, but we will be able to buy at much more attractive prices when we have more money.

  3. We must reduce losses as much as possible, this can only be done through an asymmetric and totally uncorrelated portfolio

  4. It is stupid to try to beat the market in the long term with an active portfolio that is 100% in assets, it is going to take a lot of effort and a great drain on energy. This statement may seem crazy in current market conditions, where we have not suffered a major recession but it will come (point 2).

“Now more than ever, investors need to recognize the distortion in the system, which has reached near-unprecedented proportions. Unhealthy growth of assets that would not exist without the deadly fertilizer of intervention is creating a tinderbox that will, in the not so distant future, erupt in massive wildfire”

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